All right, kids. Ready to take your lawyering life to the next level? Whether you just took the LSAT, just passed the bar, or just got a sweet promotion, you gotta have the right gear. 

You may have noticed that this is not a problem for many of your peers — usually because they are:

  1. Third generation lawyer – Got all the right cool vintage leather stuff handed down to them by their lawyer fathers and grandfathers. (Sorry, ladies, we’re going to be sure to include women in the sequel). You’ve literally walked a mile in your dad’s shoes. His actual wingtips. Now apologize for all the nonsense you put him through and stop complaining about pay. On day soon you’ll inherit all of this.
  2. Big Firm right out of school – your huge income and ample leisure time make it easy for you to locate and purchase the cool vintage leather gear you need to play the part. You grabbed for that golden ring and you got it, student loan debt be damned. If your loans are still hounding you, hang tight for a minute — I’m sure a few more months of 8 hour days (2 at the bar, amirite?) will knock out those bar loans in no time.
  3. Tech firm lawyer. Their firm’s generous elders (probably younger than you) have the insight and self awareness to make the appropriate investments into things a law firm needs in 2022. Vintage leather gear may be in short supply around here, but I’m sure you’ve got gear in some kind of high tech polymer favored by astronauts and navy seals for the rare occasions you make it out of the office. Save those stock options. One day they may be worth something — on eBay.

For the rest of you, let’s get started. Me and the crew have been at this for a while and we’ve tried just about everything, so let us help you, your clients, and your lawyer friends get kitted out with the stuff they need  for work and play with no missteps, false starts, or wasted time or money. 

About Us.

You can totally trust us. We’re lawyers. (heh) We’re also none of the folks listed above. We’ve been solos, and we’ve been big firm players. We’ve been at the low folks on the totem, and the folks at the top. We’ve worked hard, we’ve burnt ourselves out, we’ve taken time off, and we’ve charged back in. We’ve been there. 

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